The deadline for submitting applications will be between 8th to 23rd of April.

Applications will be submitted electronically to the Virtual Secretariat

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Our school offers a service that goes beyond the traditional concept of a school canteen and is based on four fundamental pillars:

  • A balanced and healthy diet

  • Learning rules of civility

  • Acquisition of healthy lifestyle habits

  • Supervision by the teaching staff

The school offers the service for all students. It is necessary to register with the Center's secretariat in order to use this service

The service is available from 7:30 am (optional breakfast)

The nursing service, offered to every family who request it, is one of our most characteristic distinctive features and consists on a double task:

  • Attention to any health incident that occurs only in the educational center (falls, blows, wounds, pain, fever, etc.)

  • Medication giving, always with the medical prescription and the authorization signed by parents.

  • Student assistance for the ones who have chronic diseases so as to achieve the objective of making them feel as safe as if they were at home.

Initiation in robotics

Our students, from Kindergarten to secondary school, attend the subject of Robotics. It enables our students to design and build educational robots. This way, they start from a quite early age acquiring knowledge in the fields of Science and Technology.

We are pioneers in the use of innovative methodologies are applied both to our gifted students and to those with learning disabilities. By activating these strategies we have increased their motivation and efficiency. Moreover, their marks have considerably risen.

Music has positive effects on the cognitive, creative, intellectual and psychological development of children. Besides, it stimulates the ability to learn new languages, numbers and the use of logic. It is considered to increase our memory, attention, concentration and understanding of mathematical concepts.

JUMP Math is a mathematical program that allows all students to acquire a sufficient mathematical basis in order to be able to cope with social and professional challenges. This is achieved by proposing a mathematics teaching-learning itinerary in the school environment that covers from Early Childhood Education to 2nd year of ESO .

Since the 2013/2014 academic year, the school has made use of the iPad as a tool that promotes student motivation.

Our students from 1st to 3rd grade have their first contact with tablets in an appropriate way, within the systematization of an educational program.

  • We offer various cultural and sports activities. With their implementation we intend to:

  • Attend the interests of our students.

  • Complement the contents learned in class

  • Establish social relationships with other children who are not in the same class or grade.

  • Collaborate with the settlement of both professional and familiar life.

One of our main identity traits is to attend to all the dimensions of our students brains and try to adapt the resources and tools that are used in order to enhance and reinforce their capacities and needs.

For this reason, in coordination with the Guidance Department, our staff - each one from their specific subject - actively participates in the preparation of a specific personal development plan for each student who needs it in order to guarantee the personal success of each and every of our students.

  • The main aim of our Guidance Department is to partner with teachers in adapting education to the characteristics and needs of every student.

  • So as to have this achieved,they are vigorously involved in tasks such as:

  • Diagnosis and assessment of students.

  • Planning and development of actions to care for diversity.

  • Collaborate with teachers in the prevention and detection of learning problems.

  • Design and implement the tutorial action.

  • Organize and implement academic and professional guidance.

  • Teacher training.

Our students are called to be professionals in the in the course of a few years. This is why that mastering of two or more languages is totally crucial ​​in order to study or work. It has become in recent years the main demand of parents for the education of their children since:

1. The increase of the chances of finding work and having greater facility for internal promotion.

2. The Increase of knowledge of other cultures. This allows considerable facilities when it comes to adapting to new traditions and a greater capacity to respond to difficulties.

For this reason, at Edith Stein School we are especially aware of this reality and our students, by the time they finish high school, will have acquired a knowledge of three languages ​​of the European Union: Spanish, English and German.

Oxford test examination center

Oxford is one of the most prestigious universities in the world for teaching of the English language. Edith Stein school is an official authorized exam center for the Oxford Test of English (OTE).

This exam consists on four parts:

Speak (speaking)

Listen (listening)



This test will never be failed, but the level of each participant is always certified.

The levels that are available to be certified are: A2, B1 and B2.

Cambridge ESOL Examinations

In our school, it is offered the possibility of taking the following kinds of exams:

YLE: It is designed for students between 7 and 12 years old. It covers the following ability levels:

Pre A1 Starters (basic)

A1 Movers (intermediate)

A2 Flyers (advanced)

The KEY for Schools corresponds to level A2.

The PRELIMINARY for Schools corresponds to level B1.

First for Schools: The exam is framed at a B2 level (upper-intermediate level).

The Advanced exam is framed at level C1. The Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) is the fourth level of the Cambridge exams in English for non-native speakers (ESOL).

Bachillerato Dual Americano (American High School)

This Program allows students to obtain two degrees simultaneously: the Spanish high school diploma (which lasts two years) and the American one (which lasts 4 years and begins to be studied in our 3rd year of Secondary).

The student takes part in two schools at the same time: in the one in his own country (in person) and in North America (online).

Erasmus + is a program offered to our Vocational Training students. It is paid with some of the European Union funds and consists of our students taking their internships abroad.

Students who participate in this program improve their employment prospects and personal skills.

This service (CAF) consists of providing in a free way help and support for those families who require it.

Our goal is to accompany the family until they come to an effective solution.

The Chaplaincy service is one of the fundamental pillars of the school, which accompanies our teachers in the Christian formation of the students.

The entrusted tasks are:

  • Celebrating the daily Eucharist.

  • Organizing and coordinating the catechesis for those who will receive their First Communion and Confirmation.

  • Spiritual formation of the students.

  • Eucharistic Adoration, every first Friday of the month.

  • Training for parents and teachers

Summer camp

Apart from the school conventional calendar, we offer the possibility of coming to the school to participate in our English summer camp.

In this experience, our students enjoy an immersion in the English language without having to travel abroad.

According to the English level of the participants, they will be placed in their corresponding group.They will share the learning and practice of English. This is achieved through dynamic and fun teaching methods that allow students to assimilate new terms and the grammar rules in a very natural and spontaneous way.

We offer:

  • Monitors with official qualifications.

  • Cultural visits.

  • Pastoral activities.

  • Activities in English.

  • Educational school canteen in lunch and breakfast.

  • Great games and gymkhanas.

  • Crafts.

  • Sports.

  • Brain teasers

  • Water festivals ...


- Small: 1º, 2º and 3º of Infantile.

-Medium: 1º, 2º and 3º of Primary. -Older: 4º, 5º and 6º of Primary.